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Benefit From Your Own Life Insurance Policy

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with cancer or another life-limiting illness such as liver disease, kidney failure, heart disease or ALS? An unexpected side effect of this type of diagnosis is the financial burden that comes with fighting the disease. When you combine increasing medical bills with lost wages, even managing day-to-day expenses becomes a struggle. Many people in this situation have the ability to access cash from their existing life insurance policy to help them through this difficult time.

Asset Funding Corp. may be able to purchase your existing life insurance policy and provide you with financial peace-of-mind. You may be offered several solutions which can include purchasing your entire policy or only purchasing a portion of your policy and leaving guaranteed money for your beneficiaries.

To contact one of our advisors please call 800-542-9513. We will explain the process and give you an idea of what your policy may be worth. You can learn more about Asset Funding Corp. and selling your life insurance policy by watching this video.

*This program is not available to residents of the State of Florida.