Of all cancers, Colon and Rectum Cancer causes the third most deaths in men and women. While anyone can get colon and rectum cancer, most cases occur in individuals over fifty. While there is no exact reason why colon cancer occurs, the following risk factors can increase someone's chances of getting colon cancer: family history, personal history of polyps, personal history of inflammatory bowel disease, age, diet, lack of exercise, obesity and smoking.

Like most cancers, survival of colon cancer is more likely when it is diagnosed in its early stages. The survival of colon cancer if found localized is 81% for first year and 61% for five year survival rate. Unfortunately, only 37% of colon cancer cases are found at the localized stage. When colon cancer spreads regionally to the adjacent organs or lymph nodes, the survival rate drops to 64%. If the colon cancer is discovered after it's spread to the distant areas and metastasized, the survival rate drops to 8%.

Colon and rectum cancer treatments include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. There are several types of surgery that can be done for colon and rectum cancer:

1. Polypectomy - removal of polyps containing cancer; usually done in 1st stage

2. Local Excision - removal of colon cancer & small amount of tissue; usually done in the 1st stage

3. Segmental Resection - removal of colon cancer and surrounding tissue; usually done in later stages and done in combination with colostomy (an opening in the abdomen that allows for removal of body waste)

Radiation and chemotherapy are done post surgery to destroy the colon cancer that could not be removed from surgery.

For individuals with colon and rectum cancer, end-of-life care is available. End-of-life care for colon and rectum cancer patients includes seeing a barrage of doctors, nurses and therapists. Cancer patients can be treated in their homes or in the care of a hospital. During this time of need, the last thing that you or your loved ones should be worrying about is money; however, health care costs for colon and rectum cancer treatments are expensive and those services may or may not be covered by your insurance.

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