On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for the professional and honest way you handled the purchase of my life insurance policy. Every statement made by your staff was true and factual. For a dying man to have this level of comfort from people that I had never met was unreal.

- Paul H.

       As a practicing attorney and current in-house counsel for a national mortgage corporation, it was a pleasure to work with your company, AFC, which we found to be both professional and informative. We had contacts with several other companies professing to be licensed, and leaders in the industry, but found them to be at times unresponsive, prone to over-promising, and as a result, unable to make good on any commitment made. Thank you very much for your professional service in regards to the sale of the life insurance policy owned by our company.

- Kries S.

       When we found out about my illness, we had contacted several different companies to see about them buying my life insurance policy. You and your company were the only ones that were fair, honest and understanding throughout this whole process. Your company bought our policy for more than double some of the offers that we had gotten, and if it wasn't for you we may have settled for something that was much less.

- Stephen K.

       Nowadays it is a blessing to find someone who is honest, trustworthy, and stands behind their word. Your help and assistance in our time of need is much appreciated. You made our life and my wife's dreams a little less complicated.

- Glenda and Don W.

       AFC paid more than twice the cash value for my policy. I was able to make the beneficiary of my policy someone who needs it most, which was me.

- Bobby W.

       In March of 2003, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. By May of 2003 he could no longer keep working in just a few months our savings was gone and our bills did not change. I contacted 7 different companies, most of which were actually Brokers. After only 3 weeks, AFC made a firm offer. The other companies offers didn't come close to AFC and AFC employees have been very professional, pleasant and respectful to my family's issues and feelings. I am extremely pleased with the service and the care they have shown me.

- Sharon, Mother of five, grandmother of four.

       I would like to express my deepest gratitude to AFC. Through them I was able to sell my life insurance policy for approximately 35% more than any other provider was offering. I would recommend AFC for the high level of professionalism and caring they showed to me during this emotional time in my life.

- Gordon Z.